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Club-sponsored riders lead the World Cup China League


The second leg of the annual FEI World Cup Jumping China League was held in Beijing today (3 May). Members of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Equestrian Team, Patrick Lam and Raena Leung, both delivered excellent performances, placing first and fourth respectively. This was another outstanding result for Hong Kong in this major international competition. Last weekend Lam also won the first leg of the competition, with Leung as runner-up.

After the prize presentation, Patrick Lam said that it was the Club’s support over the past 7 years which had helped him achieve this good result in Beijing. “The Club’s sponsorship has enabled me to receive the very best training in Europe. Moreover, all the livery and training expenses for the eight horses I ride at present are supported by the Club. With this big help, I am pleased to achieve this good result in the China League,” Lam added.

In addition to the support the Club provides to Lam and Leung as members of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Equestrian Team, the Club also sponsored part of their competition expenses in Beijing.

The World Cup Jumping China League, featuring 1.5 meter fences, attracted more than 20 top riders from Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Lam achieved a clear round, while Leung had four faults, in the jump off of the second leg, securing them the first and four places respectively.

The third leg, which is also the final of this year’s League, will be staged in Beijing in early October. If the two Club-sponsored riders continue to perform well, it is likely that one of them will be able to qualify for the 2016 FEI World Cup Jumping Final. This 5-star event will be staged in Goteborg, Sweden next March.

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Picture 1:
Members of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Equestrian Team Patrick Lam (middle of back row) places first in the second leg of the FEI World Cup Jumping China League in Beijing today (3 May).

Picture 2:
Member of HKJC Equestrian Team, Patrick Lam, scores a clear round.

Picture 3:
Member of HKJC Equestrian Team, Raena Leung, places fourth with four faults.