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The Club was notified by an employee on 18 July night that she was tested for Covid-19 on 15 July and the test result was positive. She will be hospitalised as instructed by the Department of Health.
The employee works at the Club’s headquarters building in Happy Valley and the date she last reported duty in the headquarters was 13 July. She has been working from home since 14 July according to the Club’s special working arrangements.
Upon notification by the infected employee, the Club immediately communicated with employees who have had close contact with the infected employee since 4 July and will arrange testing for them as soon as possible. Regardless of the test results, they will be advised to self-isolate at home for 14 days, in addition to those who work on the same floor as the infected employee as a safety precaution. The Club will also closely communicate and cooperate with the Department of Health.
Furthermore, the Club has immediately arranged for thorough cleaning and disinfection of the entire floor and places where the infected employee has worked and visited, including common areas such as the lobby on the ground floor, the first floor and the elevators.