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Environmental Sustainability
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For the Club, environmental sustainability is about much more than being a responsible corporate citizen. We act continuously for the betterment of our society.

By optimising our resource efficiency, we can improve our business performance and help keep the Club competitive and sustainable. By reducing our carbon footprint and minimising waste through reduction, reuse and recycling, we can set an example to the community at large, making full use of the Club’s many long-standing community partnerships to help create a greener, better Hong Kong for future generations. 

We continue to improve the efficiency of our use of resources, such as energy and materials, while expanding business operations and implementing initiatives to enhance the customer experience. Electricity consumption in 2016/17 has been reduced by 1.8% compared to the previous year and the total carbon emissions in 2016/17 have shown a 1.3% decrease against 2015/16.

Among various initiatives to reduce resource consumption, the Club has introduced a managed print system for its offices. It organised workshops and set targets to drive departments to identify paper avoidance opportunities. As a result, total office paper consumption has been reduced by 32% in 2016/17, from the baseline year of 2010/11.

Meanwhile, besides making efforts to manage the Club’s hoofprint, we continue to engage Club members, employees, customers and other stakeholders in supporting these efforts and adopting environment-friendly practices. In short, we are striding on together to create a greener and more sustainable Hong Kong.

This report is prepared in accordance with the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines (GRI G4). Focused mainly on reporting the Club’s performance and initiatives in the areas of environmental and resource management, this report complements and should be read in conjunction with the Club’s Annual Report.

Download Report - 2017 (PDF, 16.5MB)

Download Report - 2015 (PDF, 11.6MB)

Download Report - 2013 (PDF, 5.74MB)

Download Report - 2011 (PDF, 1.70MB)

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