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Employee Wellness
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As one of the city’s largest employers, The Hong Kong Jockey Club is committed to offering its employees a unique and diverse environment in which they can grow and achieve success while also contributing to the betterment of the community.

Our Meeting Place

Our Meeting Place (OMP) is a dedicated staff leisure and wellness facility, with branches at both Happy Valley and Sha Tin. Providing exercise centres, restaurants and space for rest and recreation, the OMP is a great place to freshen up mind and body, or simply unwind after a good day's work.


The Club's Corporate Wellness Programme, one of the first in Hong Kong, promotes employee health and holistic well-being. It offers talks and seminars on such diverse topics as health and beauty, mindfulness, stress management and arts and crafts to help employees develop happy and healthy lifestyles.

The Staff Social Club organises social and recreational activities for its members and their families with the goal of enhancing fellowship among colleagues from different departments. Activities range from sporting events to interest classes, dinner gatherings and leisure tours. Members also enjoy a number of benefits including discounts on theme park tickets, sponsored leisure accommodation, bargain offers and gym privileges.

Giving Back to the Community

As the city's largest community contributor, the Club strongly encourages both current and retired employees to serve the community and participate in volunteer work through the CARE@hkjc Volunteer Team. With 1,300 members, the team has contributed over 120,000 service hours since its establishment in 2005.

Committed to helping Hong Kong achieve a sustainable future, the Club also encourages staff to adopt green lifestyles. Each year it organises a Green Action Programme to increase awareness of sustainability among staff and their families.