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Continuous Development
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The Hong Kong Jockey Club is committed to supporting its employees achieve continuous growth and development. To this end it has established The Hong Kong Jockey Club College, which provides a wide range of learning and development opportunities, enabling employees to cultivate their skills and gain valuable experience as they advance their careers.

Professional Development Programmes

Leadership Programmes — Leadership programmes are tailored around the Club's Leadership Competency Model with the aim of building the capability of managers at all levels and helping them realise their career aspirations.

Professional Skills Programmes — A wide range of professional skills programmes help staff build skills, meet job requirements and develop their careers.

eLearning Programmes — A flexible online learning platform enables full-time and part-time staff to learn anywhere and at their own pace and schedule.

Sponsorship for External Training and Qualifications — Self-development scholarships, sponsored learning schemes and assistance with professional examinations help Club employees pursue continuous learning and self-development.

QF Accredited Programmes — The Club provides Professional Diploma and Advanced Certificate courses, developed in partnership with universities and recognised under the Government's Qualifications Framework (QF).

Racing Professional Development Programmes

The Club’s Racing Development Board provides training programmes to meet the specialised needs of the horse racing industry and to enable staff to operate at a standard that exceeds accepted industry requirements. Many of these programmes have received accreditation from the Hong Kong Council of Academic Accreditation and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), which means that employees can obtain internationally-recognised professional qualifications. Over 1,200 racing staff have already completed these courses.

Candidates aspiring to become jockeys or to work in other areas of the racing industry can also join the Racing Trainee Programme.

The HKJC Membership Hospitality Academy

The Membership Hospitality Academy provides opportunities for employees to develop their professional skills and hospitality careers as part of the Club’s Membership Division. Its QF Level 5 programme (equivalent to the QF Level of a local Bachelor’s degree) and QF Level 4 programme (equivalent to the QF Level of a local Associate’s degree) are accredited by the Hong Kong Council of Academic Accreditation and Vocational Qualifications. The Club is the first non-academic member of the hospitality industry to offer a QF Level 5 programme in Hong Kong.