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“The luckiest” HKJC Central Stanley Street Shop – reopens after mega facelift to bring new entertainment experience


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Central Stanley Street Shop, long reputed as “the luckiest” Off-Course Betting Branch (“OCBB”), will reopen on Tuesday, 5 July after an extensive 11-month renovation. The refurbished four-storey Stanley Street Shop will reopen as another experience shop, like the LOHAS Shop which opened last year, integrating catering facilities, leisure and digital betting services in one location, demonstrating the Club’s commitment to bringing a whole new entertainment experience to its customers.

The Stanley Street Shop, situated near Lan Kwai Fong and in the heart of the Central business and entertainment district, offers a convenient location for friends to gather at happy hour or after work.  They can enjoy good food in delightful restaurants, while watching live racing and football broadcasts with friends. The refurbished shop offers a complete experience, encompassing social festivity, food, entertainment and excitement, and is not to be missed.

The one and only Mark Six Exhibition Zone
The Stanley Street Shop has been known as the “luckiest” OCBB by statistically having tallied more first-prize Mark Six winning tickets sold -- a total of 47 since 1994, making it second to none amongst all OCBBs. For this reason the Stanley Street Shop consistently attracts many Mark Six ticket buyers to specially come here for a ticket in the hope of getting some extra luck.

To echo the symbolism of Mark Six to the Stanley Street Shop, its reopening sees the introduction a one and only Mark Six Exhibition Zone which houses a display of historic Mark Six milestones to take visitors on a journey through the draw’s important developments over the years. Customers may also see a real Mark Six drum to feel the allure of the colourful balls.

Good food and good vibe with refined culinary services
The Stanley Street Shop will also introduce two catering services on its first and second floors. Customers can enjoy high-quality confections and various Western cuisines offered by Lady M® on the first floor. Located on the second floor is another restaurant, named Tic-Tac Room. As tic-tac signals are traditionally used as a code language for covert communication at racecourses in the United Kingdom, Tic-Tac Room is designed to offer a cozy space for customers serving Japanese-Western fusion cuisine in a private setting in addition to leisure facilities such as electronic and board games. Reservations via the Club’s website or at OCBBs are required for visits on race days. For details, please visit https://special.hkjc.com/ocb/central-b504/english/index.aspx.

Pilot Shop for exclusive digital services
The Stanley Street Shop is a pilot shop to launch its exclusive online platform. By scanning a designated QR code, customers will be able to use their smartphones to browse the features and promotions of the shop and make reservations for DIY workshops and sharing sessions by KOLs.

Simulated “Weighing Room” provides jockey’s experience
The Stanley Street Shop spans an area of 10,000 square feet and can seat around 100 restaurant and betting customers. Another “seating opportunity” is in the “weighing room” on the second-floor stair lobby, where customers can experience a jockey’s work by sitting on the scales and weighting themselves like jockeys do before and after a race. The facelift gives the shop a modern and stylish look, with many feature walls for photo opportunities, combining to bring an enlivening experience for all visitors.

Live Racing and Football Broadcast Experience
The betting and media hall on the 3rd floor has been fully renovated in a contemporary style and equipped with large television screens. There will also be KOL events hosted at the media hall, allowing racing and football fans to gather and share tips with each other. It's an ideal place to enjoy and celebrate such exciting moments.

Kowloon City Nga Tsin Long Road OCBB reopens with a facelift
In addition to Central Stanley Street Shop, the OCBB located at Nga Tsin Long Road in Kowloon City will also reopen on 7 July (Thursday) with a facelift replete with elements symbolic of the neighbourhood after a complete renovation.  Customers can enjoy not only a more comfortable environment and enhanced facilities, but also a design inspired by the unique characteristics Kowloon City is famous for.  Among the design features is a wall with calligraphy artwork created by a renowned local illustrator.  Drawing inspiration from calligraphy that was well-known in Kowloon Walled City, the writing evokes the neighbourhood’s colourful history.  Another design feature is nostalgic decorations made using neon lights.

* All customers must be aged 18 and above.

Picture 1:
Central Stanley Street Shop reopens with a holistic refurbishment.

Picture 2:
Mark Six Exhibition Zone with Mark Six drum on display.

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Photo 3, 4, 5
Different feature walls in the Shop for customers to check out.

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Picture 5:

Picture 6:
Photo 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Customers can enjoy high-quality confections at Lady M® on the first floor.

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Picture 8:

Picture 9:

Picture 10:

Picture 11:

Picture 12:
Photo 12, 13, 14, 15
Tic-Tac Room on the second floor is designed on the theme of tic-tac signals offering Japanese-Western fusion cuisine.

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Picture 14:

Picture 15:

Picture 16:
Photo 16, 17
The betting and media hall on the 3rd floor are equipped with large television screens.

Picture 17:

Picture 18:
Designated QR code for Central Stanley Street Shop.

Picture 19:
QR code for reservations at Lady M®.

Picture 20:
QR code for reservations at Tic-Tac Room.

Picture 21:
QR code for video of Central Stanley Street Shop.

Picture 22:
Photo 22, 23, 24, 25
The OCBB at Nga Tsin Long Road in Kowloon City will reopen on 7 July with a facelift evoking the neighbourhood’s unique character.

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Picture 24:

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