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HKJC “Pass It On” Parents Workshop

Parents are always the ones to stand by their children and support them as they grow. For parents of young footballers, they are their children’s biggest fans, and cheering them on from the sidelines to show their love and care. Now, there is a chance for parents to join their children on the field. A group of professional mentors will show them how to become parent coaches and ultimately help their children further chase their football dreams.

It’s all part of the first-ever “Pass It On” programme held by The Hong Kong Jockey Club in collaboration with the Hong Kong Football Association and Manchester United. Through a series of three parent workshops, seminars, and theoretical and practical training sessions, the programme will introduce the basic concepts behind being a parent coach; nutritional information for athletes; as well as footballing demonstrations and ball-handling skills. In addition, current Hong Kong team player Leung Nok Hang and his parents, have been invited to share their stories and provide support to the parent coaches to make them more successful in life and also as football coaches!

Parents who complete the three workshops will be eligible to register a team for the HKJC Soccer 4 – Parents-and-Kids Tournament to be held on 1 April 2018 at Sha Tin Racecourse. Parents will personally play the role of a coach and put in to practice what they have learned in the workshop, thereby helping to instil positive attitudes in their children and promote mutual understanding and communication so that together they can put their best foot forward.

Parents and children who take part in the workshops and tournament will also have the opportunity to meet a legendary Manchester United football player at the HKJC Soccer 4 competition, making their Easter holiday that much brighter and pursue your children’s football dreams together!