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Beas River Equestrian Centre
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Striding on together - the HKJC and equestrian sport share the same spirit of partnership and commitment to excellence.

  • BREC Livery Allocation System
  • Livery Starter Package
  • Application for Livery Ownership
  • Horses available for Livery at BREC – December 2020
  • Application for Export of Retired Horse (By Livery Holder ) (ENG only)
  • Members Guest – Rider Authorization Form
  • HKJC Guidelines and Criteria for Importing Sport Horses to BREC
  • BREC Horse Import Request Form
  • Request for Allocation of Import Horse Stable
  • Competency Checklist
  • Out of Hours Access Form
  • Additional Bedding Request Form
  • Turn Out Request Form
  • Livery Exercise Agreement
  • Dry Coat Assessment Form
  • BREC Livery Holder – Rider Authorization Form
  • Single member – Guest Rider Fee Waiver Form
  • New Livery Holder Evaluation Form
  • New Livery Holder Assessment Record
  • Livery Horse Temporary Incapacity Form
  • Notice for Termination of Livery Contract
  • Request for Allocation of Air Conditioned Livery Stable
  • BREC Scope of Livery Services
  • Equine Laundry Service Request Form
  • Guidelines to Livery Holders on Export of Retired Racehorses (ENG only)
  • BREC Horse Hire Request and Assessment form
  • Request for School Horse & Pony for Competition Hire Form
  • Request to not be Allocated a Nominated BRRS Horse / Pony
  • BREC Feedback Form
  • Equestrian Affairs Department Safeguarding Policy
    For further information please email safeguarding@hkjc.org.hk